If you’re located in a busy area, it can be incredibly frustrating to watch people pass you by without coming into your business. A custom business sign can make all the difference when it comes to increasing foot traffic to your store.

Most of us make split-second decisions on whether or not we’re going to enter a store, and much of that decision is determined by the business sign. Places like shopping centers and downtown areas have a lot of signage competing for attention, so making sure yours stands out can be a challenge.

Increasing foot traffic to your business is going to take more than just a sign with your name on it. You’ll have to consider colors, style, and what type of message you want to send to your audience. Designing an eye-catching sign requires a little more effort than you might think. If you’re competing for people’s attention, just having your name on your storefront isn’t going to bring people to your business.

On the other hand, you don’t need to have an obnoxious sign that glares down on everyone who walks by. While you do want to stand out, there’s a line between grabbing attention and being too flashy. Signs that are just too much turn people off just like a sign that isn’t doing enough.

An easy way to avoid this problem is by working with a signage designer to guide you to the best sign for your business. Having a well-designed sign that catches people’s eye is an easy way to start increasing foot traffic, and a designer will be able to help you understand what’s right for your situation.

When you’re in a busy area, the location of your sign becomes especially important. You want it to be located where people can see it, but also where it’s going to draw attention. If you’re in an area where there are restrictions on where your sign can be located, focus on the color and your message to really bring people in. Choose colors that match your brand and stand out to peak customer’s interest. Your message should be clear from the moment people see your sign. For example, if you want to be viewed as professionals who are experts in the auto industry, a quirky sign with neon colors isn’t going to tell people what you want.

Increase Foot Traffic to Your Business With a Sign That’s a Good Reflection of Who You Are

Your sign should show people why they should come into your business. Potential customers are going to decide whether or not to enter your store based on your sign, and you should consider what you want people to know when you’re designing your sign. This is where a good understanding of your brand is key. In order to effectively communicate your message, people should know who you are and what to expect as quickly as possible.

Another great way to start increasing foot traffic is to lure people in with a good deal. Sales, deals, and events are all great ways to bring people in the door, and your signage can share the message. Everyone is attracted to a great deal, but if they don’t know about it, they won’t come check it out. If you’re trying to advertise an upcoming event or current sale, make sure your signage is displaying your message clearly and with colors that draw people’s eye.

Once you get people in the door, make sure your deal or event is still shown throughout your store. While it’s one thing to increase foot traffic, keeping it in your store and closing a sale is another. By making sure your sale is prevalent throughout your store, your chances of earning new customers increases.

Your business can also make an effort to start increasing foot traffic by advertising or sharing on social media. Interacting with your audience on social media accounts and your website can help people establish a relationship with your brand and bring them into your store. If you want more people to be able to find your social media accounts, you can display your usernames as part of your signage. Something as simple as putting where to find you on Twitter on your window can bring in new followers, and you can start bringing them into your store from there.

When it comes to increasing foot traffic in your store, don’t be afraid to be creative. Think about what will pull your audience in and use it to your advantage. Busy areas call for companies to find new ways to gain customers because, unfortunately, the traditional sign with your logo might not be doing enough to help your business.

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Author: Ryan Brady
President at Brady Signs. Finance guy turned sign guy. Best move ever.
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