A sign is one of the most important ways to give people a great first impression of your business. Many business owners don’t realize that an effective sign isn’t as simple as just slapping letters on a board and putting them way up high. An eye-catching design that’s easy to read is a great start, but working with a team of professionals to follow through on your sign idea is essential to avoiding sign installation mistakes. For those hoping to avoid signage pitfalls, here’s your sign!

Professional Installation Gets You Off on the Right Foot

So you ordered a cut-rate sign off of the internet and had your brother-in-law install it out front (after all, he said he knows a little bit about electrical wiring). After he spent the entire weekend digging, climbing, and putting things together, you have a nice new sign…that’s positioned squarely behind a large tree and totally invisible to drive-by customers. Your brother-in-law thinks it looks great and isn’t too keen on coming back to reposition things, so you’ll just have to make do!

A professional sign company would have known better because their entire world is signage. They understand what colors and designs tell your story best. They’re also familiar with all of the common sign installation mistakes that could result in your sign not being spotted amidst all the competition. Because of this, make sure to spend your signage budget carefully and only work with the professionals.

At Brady Signs, we perform pre-install surveys that allow us to identify things like the wall construction behind a wall sign, which tells us what kind of anchor will work best. Do we need to thru-bolt behind a metal stud wall? Can we use wood lags or toggle bolts if there is plywood backing in the wall? Often times, we see signs fail when another sign company makes an assumption on what is behind the wall. Other times a sign company might use something like sheet metal screws into a dryvit wall, which is just foam. Eventually, that sign falls off the wall, 100% of the time. For freestanding signs, we use a combination of in-house section modules and licensed sign engineers to make sure that our sign installation plans are structurally sound for the size of sign we are installing.

Sign Quality Indicates the Quality of Your Business

All potential customers need to know is the name of your business and what you do, so you can save lots of money by simply throwing up a vinyl banner, right?

Although this may save you money on signage, at first, it will likely cost you big in the long run. You see, customers judge what’s on the inside of your business by what’s on the outside. If you spend the time and money to invest in a thoughtful, properly-installed sign, they’ll feel as though you put the same care and thought into the product or service you provide. A piece of vinyl flapping in the breeze doesn’t exactly inspire confidence when a potential customer is thinking of bringing their computer to you for repair or spending hundreds of dollars on a piece of furniture.

In addition to this, choosing a sign made of high-quality materials over a cheap discount sign will ensure that your investment holds up well over time.

Don’t Let Maintenance Fall to the Wayside

Looking for another way to ensure that your investment is one that will last? After sidestepping all of the common sign installation mistakes, make sure you’re keeping up with proper sign maintenance.

One of the most obvious ways to maintain your sign is to make sure that it’s properly lit. There are entire blog posts devoted to the hilarity that is improperly maintained sign lighting. Burned out lettering can be the difference between customers seeing a sign for a mouth-watering “GOLDEN DYNASTY RESTAURANT” and steering clear of a sign that reads “GO NASTY RESTAURANT.”

Don’t be that business.

Other sign maintenance items include annual cleaning and maintenance of your sign to both maintain it and to help prevent future lighting failures.

Avoid Epic Sign Installation Mistakes With the Help of Brady Signs

From expert installation to high-quality sign designs and knowledgeable maintenance, the team at Brady Signs works hard to ensure that our customers have the tools to properly market their brand for all passersby to see. We’ll help you avoid epic sign installation mistakes while guiding you towards an eye-catching sign that’s well-maintained and made to last.

At Brady Signs, we’re a third-generation family business that’s served as a premier provider of business signage solutions throughout the North Central Ohio region and beyond for nearly 50 years.

Want to learn how we can convert your brand into a statement using our eye-catching signage for business? We’re here to talk.

Author: Ryan Brady
President at Brady Signs. Finance guy turned sign guy. Best move ever.
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