When you think of business signage, you probably think of signs meant to bring customers in to a restaurant, store, or an office. Medical facilities are another type of business that can greatly benefit from well-designed and properly installed signage. Although we may not pay much attention to healthcare signage when it’s there, a lack of signage in these kinds of settings can be worrisome and problematic for patients.

Sending the Right Message with Exterior Healthcare Signage

Thoughtful healthcare signage not only helps attract customers/patients to a doctor’s office, medical facility, or hospital; it also sends a message about the business. This is the case whether it’s a stand-alone sign, a multi-tenant cabinet sign in a location with multiple providers or specialists, or a sign affixed to the side of a building.

Carefully choosing the right style, font, colors, and sizing of custom exterior signs is essential. Putting plenty of thought into the design of your sign and keeping it well-maintained will help communicate what type of service a medical facility provides and set the tone for the level of attention and care patients can expect before they even set foot through the door. A nice sign sends a message about the facility, the staff, and even the overall community where it’s located.

Assisting Patients During Stressful Times

Whether a patient and their family is visiting a medical facility for pre-scheduled tests or have arrived at a hospital in the midst of a medical crisis, wayfinding healthcare signage can help make an already-stressful situation a bit less stressful. Healthcare facilities are typically very large and can sprawl over entire campuses. When someone is worried, their mind is in a whirl, and having clear healthcare signage to direct them to the proper building or department within a medical facility is key.

Healthcare signage should be easily visible, attention-catching, communicate information in a clear and concise fashion, and be kept properly maintained. An experienced business signage provider can walk through your facility and point out areas where signage is missing or not communicating information effectively.

Offer Visitors Necessary Information

Once a visitor is in the right place, interior office signs communicate essential information to educate about policies and procedures to help move everything along in a smooth manner. Examples of this type of healthcare signage are signs that instruct patients where they should sign in and wait, what documents they need to have ready upon sign-in, what type of payment will be accepted/expected at the time of the appointment, or instructions for specific testing procedures.

Having signs of this type clearly posted can help cut down on confusion and delays as appointments progress throughout the day.

Emergency Signage

Because a hospital or medical facility is just like any other commercial business, it’s key for all of them to have proper emergency signage. These types of signs alert patients, visitors, and staff to dangers and offer important information necessary in the event of an emergency.

This kind of signage includes warning placards displayed near dangerous equipment or containers where sharps are discarded as well as signs instructing individuals to stay away from rooms where radiation is being emitted. Another important type of emergency healthcare signage are commercial signs directing the building’s occupants towards emergency exits or instructing them in proper emergency procedures such as using the stairs instead of elevators in the event of a fire.

Even though a medical facility is a business that people only use when they have a health concern, that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t function like any other business. This means having healthcare signage that’s easily visible, communicates concisely, and sends the right message about the kind of care patients can expect there. This is hugely helpful in assisting patients with finding the right facility to suit their needs, navigating it with ease, and remaining safe while doing so.

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Author: Ryan Brady
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