‘If you build it, they will come’ may work for a baseball diamond in a cornfield, but does it apply to your business sign installation?

In many ways, yes!

While customers will gladly show up and spread the word about a fantastic business, they must discover it first. One of the best ways businesses can attract new customers is through a well-designed and strategically located business sign. 

But don’t go it alone! By utilizing a trusted signage partner, you can create amazing, attention-grabbing signs that will stand the test of time.

Here’s what you need to know to make your business sign installation successful.

7 Keys To Successful Business Sign Installation

1. Think Long-Term

Installing business signs and keeping them in good shape is no small feat, especially when the sign is high in the air. This is why it is helpful to utilize a professional sign company for sign installation and ongoing sign maintenance.

2. Don’t Try to DIY

There are many issues to consider when installing your business sign. This includes the safety of the team performing the installation, as it may be necessary to use ladders, scaffolding, cranes, or suspended work platforms. It’s also necessary to consider the safety of passersby both during the installation and afterward. Professional sign installation companies will have access to the proper equipment, experience, and know-how to keep everyone safe.

3. Pay Close Attention to Your Local Laws

When designing and installing business signs, it’s important to remember that most places have rules governing sign appearance and location. These may be local ordinances that apply to your town or neighborhood or rules specific to your shopping center or retail plaza. No matter what, make sure your sign falls within any applicable restrictions.

Don’t install now and ask for forgiveness later!

Sometimes, business owners will attempt to quietly put up a business sign in hopes that local officials won’t notice. This can lead to big trouble – from money wasted on designing and manufacturing a sign that doesn’t comply with regulations to the potential for hefty fines.

4. Make Sure Your Sign is Visible

One of the top business sign mistakes is spending money to design and install a beautiful sign … and putting it where people have trouble seeing or reading it. This includes ill-chosen locations that can’t be seen from a distance or are hidden behind trees or buildings. Visibility also means choosing a size and font that can easily be read from a distance and an overall design that creates a tasteful “wow” factor.

5. Don’t Be Obnoxious

While being seen is helpful, installing a groan-inducing sign may backfire on your bottom line. Be sure your sign is appropriate for the neighborhood and shopping center in which it will be located. Size, colors, and graphics that draw attention will garner a positive response; a sign that sticks out like a sore thumb may send potential customers rolling their eyes and rushing to a competitor.

6. Get Creative

A business sign is a great opportunity to let the personality and soul of your business shine through. Whether through eye-catching graphics, a colorful electronic messaging center, or even a sign that puts your sense of humor on display, feel free to get creative in your sign design.

7. Don’t Confuse People

While getting creative is a plus, don’t let it overpower the message you hope to send customers. Make sure your signage is consistent with what people can expect when they step through the doors of your business – whether it’s expert legal advice, mouth-watering pizza, or lightning-fast plumbing services. Working with an experienced sign company can help you nail everything in your business sign installation and ensure that investment keeps paying dividends for years to come!

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