A business sign is one of the best marketing investments you can make. In a single glance, it tells customers everything they need to know about your business: who you are, where you are, and what kind of products or services you provide.

If you let wear and tear get out of control after you’ve had your sign for a while, however, you may unintentionally be communicating other messages to your customers. Signs that aren’t well-kept or working properly may indicate a lack of attention to major details or give the impression that you don’t take pride in what you do.

Here are the three major items to watch out for regarding signage wear and tear issues and how they should be addressed.

Burnt Out Lights

Illuminated signage is an excellent investment. It allows you to advertise your business and promote your brand 24/7. However, this investment only pays off if you take the time to keep the sign in proper working order. This means promptly addressing any burnt-out lights within your sign. 

Doing this will ensure that customers will be made aware of your business all day and all night; it also presents a polished and professional image when the sign is properly lit and well-maintained.

Dirty Signage

Along with signage wear and tear issues comes a fair share of dirt. Letting grime build up on your sign sends the wrong message to customers, but the problem is bigger than that. Dirty signs can be difficult to see, whether dust built up inside an illuminated sign or dirt on a digital LED sign, making it harder for passersby to read.

Planning regular sign cleaning along with other maintenance items will ensure that your sign shines like new and clearly shows you’re open for business. During the cleaning process, your sign will be taken apart and cleaned up, and all parts will be inspected for excessive wear or damage. This will help spiff up your sign for another season and prevent any unexpected issues with elements that are ready to break or fail.

Dullness Caused By Weather Damage

Outdoor signage withstands a lot, sitting there day after day in the blazing sun, pounding rain, and freezing ice and snow. Signage wear and tear issues caused by weather are bound to sneak up, and one of the sneakiest issues that appear over time is a gradual dulling out of the color due to long-term weather damage. 

One of the best ways to avoid this is to invest in quality signage in the first place. UV laminate is also available that can help signs withstand fading due to the rays of the sun. If you start noticing a loss of color, don’t despair! Talk with your local sign company to discuss options to protect and refresh it in the future.

Work With the Experts to Address Your Signage Wear and Tear Issues

While some business owners take care of these items themselves as they notice signage wear and tear issues, quite often, the day-to-day running of the business doesn’t allow enough time for sign maintenance. In other cases, the sign is installed in a high or difficult-to-access location.

Either way, it can save lots of time (and a potential fall off of a ladder) to call the experts and let them take care of sign maintenance on a regular basis. This will ensure that issues are addressed before they become problematic or unsightly. Proper sign maintenance puts your business’s best face forward, making an impression on customers and giving them an idea of the quality and service they’ll receive when they enter your doors.