As a business owner or manager, you know the importance of commercial business signs. It’s one of the most vitally important things to focus on when relocating or opening a new business location.

Unfortunately, many business owners fall into one of two traps: either they’re the rebel, bucking the rules established by property managers (and possibly municipalities) because they’re so eager to create original, eye-catching commercial business signs that truly capture the essences of their businesses — or, they’re passive and all too willing to let their property manager take care of all the signage details.

The good news is, there’s a comfortable middle ground.

Here’s how property managers can help retail tenants select the right commercial business signs.

Property Managers Understand Their Properties

In most cases, commercial property managers have had the benefit of working with industrial sign fabricators and designers, and have gained experience from managing multiple properties. They’ve created detailed signage specifications based on what works for their tenants, at that specific property location.

Insisting that your commercial business signs stray too far from specs is not “creative license,” it’s often foolish. A well-designed sign can simultaneously meet specifications AND still stand out (in a good way).

Property Managers Want to Attract Customers

Remember, the success of your business is important to the success of the whole property. Property managers are literally invested in the success of your business (as long as you’re a tenant, at least). Don’t leave every detail up to your property managers, but you should work closely with them to design the best commercial business signs for your location.

Obviously, if you own a franchise or are a part of a national chain, you’ll have to strike a balance between your corporate signage requirements and the property management company’s specs. Experienced signage companies are pros at managing projects (including specs and permitting details) to everyone’s satisfaction.

Property Managers Want to Maximize Your Signage Investment

Commercial business signs can be significant investments. And, particularly when moving into a new location, many business owners and managers want to cut costs up front, and they fail to consider ongoing maintenance costs associated with certain signage features.

When your property manager tells you “some of our tenants have had trouble with that type of sign,” do yourself and your business a favor and listen. You want a sign that looks good, for the long term, and works with minimal hassle. And, so does your property manager. So, remember, in spite of what might seem like a lot of “picky” rules about commercial business signs, your property manager is on your team and has the same goals for your business signage.

Property Managers Will Assist With Maintenance and Repair

Effective business signage can turn your brand into a statement, but only when your sign is functioning properly. Don’t let darkness descend upon your business. There are several service and maintenance items you could end up needing for your commercial business signs, including:

  • Lamp replacement
  • Complete sign relamping
  • Ballast replacement
  • Neon repair and replacement
  • Neon transformer replacement
  • Electronic message center repair
  • Parking lot lamp and ballast replacement
  • LED module and LED power supply replacement
  • Sign cabinet and sign face cleaning

Your property manager will work closely with a trusted signage provider, and you’ll be able to have those issues handled with little to no downtime or effort from you.

When you work closely with your property managers to create commercial business signs, you’ll forge a partnership that will extend beyond the usual landlord/tenant relationship. And you’ll have amazing signage that will attract and delight current and potential customers!

At Brady Signs, we’re a third-generation family business that’s served as a premier provider of business signage solutions throughout the North Central Ohio region and beyond for nearly 50 years.

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Author: Ryan Brady
CFO at Brady Signs. Finance guy turned sign guy. Best move ever.
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