It’s a given that every business needs an attractive and eye-catching sign. But what about cities and government organizations? A quality civic sign can highlight a city and the many individuals and groups that keep it running. And with creative civic sign ideas, you can educate and attract visitors while making a stunning first impression.

What Are Civic Signs?

Civic signs are used to advertise and educate people about government organizations and entities such as towns and cities, parks and recreation centers, chambers of commerce, municipal sports complexes, schools, libraries, firehouses, and police stations.

Besides naming the specific town, park, or organization, civic signs are useful in communicating information about these entities that may be of interest to citizens or visitors.

Why Are Civic Signs So Important?

Because utilizing effective civic sign ideas can help sell your city or its organizations to visitors, they should never be an afterthought. Rather than simply informing passersby that they have entered Huron, Ohio, why not use that sign as an opportunity to advertise all of the civic clubs and associations that help make Huron a wonderful place to live and work? Visitors to Berlin Heights quickly learn when the town was established, who the current mayor is, as well as when the city’s annual Basket Festival is held (the first Friday and Saturday in August). Internal and external signs on city buildings can be customized to feature city seals and other logos and icons that give people a true idea of the history and spirit of the area.

Civic Sign Ideas to Take Your Town to the Next Level

In addition to educating visitors about your wonderful city, civic signs work well to encourage citizens to reach out and get involved. A sign at your local sports complex can inform parents of the upcoming sign-ups for Little League, while the community arts center lets them know via their sign that a free dance class for kids under 12 will start soon.

Changeable letter signs allow you to quickly update news, events, and information on display on a specific sign. Although the text on these signs is easily changed, they have drawbacks in terms of not being particularly attractive and not allowing for the display of different logos and graphics.

While changeable letter signs can take steps to getting your message out, the gold standard in civic sign ideas is electronic message centers. From town halls to police departments and local parks, these dynamic and colorful signs are effective at helping your town and its organizations stand out.

What makes digital signs such a wonderful option for municipal signage? They can display a dynamic, ever-changing circulation of messages regarding ongoing events and important information. Is your local library forgiving all late fees on books returned by the end of the month? Will your local Rotary Club be hosting a pancake breakfast fundraiser next week? Digital signage in front of the library or town hall can help educate citizens and get them involved.

In addition to displaying print messages, these kinds of signs can also be programmed to display logos, graphics, and animations. Whether your goal is to encourage visitors to stop and stay a while or bring residents out to engage with their city and each other, making use of civic sign ideas can help make your city a better place.

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Author: Ryan Brady
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