It’s a Victorian-style house featuring an out-of-place contemporary interior or a football team with a star quarterback opting to run the ball rather than pass.

Incompatibility can diminish something that’s otherwise great. Would-be homebuyers scratch their heads and the football team fails to live up to its lofty expectations on the gridiron.

The same risk applies to your business. Your brand – that unique combination of traits comprising your company’s reputation – represents one of your most important business assets. Yet when your business signage fails to match your brand properly, the effectiveness of your branding suffers.

Visually-captivating signage for business can serve as your company’s lifeblood. When a business signage strategy is well executed, your sign has the potential to garner as much of your customer base as your word-of-mouth and traditional advertising techniques combined.

Don’t let an inconsistent branding theme mar your outdoor business signage, conveying a sense of false advertising to your valued customers. The following represent ideas for achieving compatibility between your business sign and your brand:

Focus on Functionality

First things first. Before your signage can attract widespread consumer attention or develop into a local landmark, it must serve its primary purpose adequately – that of drawing visibility to your business. In today’s transient society, new prospective customers travel by your location constantly, and you need to capitalize on this built-in opportunity for generating new business.

If your business is situated near a highway, a tall pole sign is likely appropriate to ensure highway travelers gain awareness of your existence. Conversely, if your business is located in a suburban area, a mid-rise pylon sign may best serve your visibility needs. And an urban setting may call for a projecting blade sign or an illuminated awning sign that attracts motorists and pedestrians alike.

Display Your Logo Prominently

You invested considerable resources crafting the perfect logo to symbolize your brand. Convert that brand into a statement by displaying your logo conspicuously on all signage materials.

The repetition of your logo through signage helps ensure your brand stays top-of-mind for customers who pass by your business on a daily basis. Occupy a site along a busy route? It’s conceivable that several thousand vehicles will view your logo-adorned business signage each day, breeding a degree of familiarity that can grow your customer base.

Select the Right Type of Sign for Your Business

Your business signage should reflect both your industry and your company culture. When you operate within a technology- or entertainment-related field, you can make a splash by upgrading your signage with the addition of a new, dynamic electronic message center. However, if your business maintains a lower-profile like a law or accounting firm, then a simple-yet-classy sign may prove prudent.

Your company culture forms the DNA of your brand. Why not showcase it using your business signage? You’ll serve your brand better when you choose to work with a company that can help you connect the dots between your culture and your updated signage design. Perhaps illuminating or morphing your sign to a vintage look will result in both a better reflection of your culture and a more memorable visual experience for prospective customers.

Stay True to Your Brand

Many iconic brand names are easily identifiable by their signature color or brand font, like Coca-Cola red and John Deere green. Weave your brand’s color scheme into your business signage and reap the benefits associated with increased brand recognizability. You’ll know you’ve made it when your sign color becomes somewhat synonymous with your brand, itself.

Your business signage is the Robin to your brand’s Batman, complementing your brand name and reinforcing its value to your prospective customers. By following these guidelines, you can achieve brand-to-sign compatibility and take your branding to the next level.

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Author: Ryan Brady
President at Brady Signs. Finance guy turned sign guy. Best move ever.
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