Whether you’re just about to open or have been in business for years, you’re probably looking for creative business sign ideas to breathe life into your marketing. 

In the world of business, first impressions are everything. Your signage is often the first interaction potential customers have with your brand, making it a crucial element in your marketing strategy.

Business signs serve as a visual representation of your brand, values, and services. They help potential customers locate your establishment and communicate your business’s identity. A well-designed sign can convey professionalism, creativity, and credibility, making it a vital asset for any business.

Creative business signs are more than just markers; they reflect your brand’s identity and are a powerful marketing tool. By exploring innovative sign ideas and collaborating with a reputable signage company, you can create signs that catch the eye and leave a lasting impression on your customers, ultimately contributing to your business’s success.

6 Creative Business Sign Ideas to Take Your Marketing to the Next Level

1. Utilize Electronic Message Centers

Electronic message centers are among the most stunning business signs due to their colorful, brilliant illumination. These eye-catching signs work well as static business signs, but business owners love them because they can program them to display an ever-changing lineup of messages and graphics.

Have a special sale coming up? Want to let people know about an event happening in the community? Would you like to advertise a new product or add a new service? An electronic message center lets you do all this and more – and you never have to climb a ladder!

2. Go Big and Bold

Your sign can easily get lost in the mix, especially if your business is in a crowded area or if your sign is nestled amongst a lot of trees or greenery. These types of settings call for creative business sign ideas that are big and designed to draw attention. A bold design and coloring will help your sign pop and stand out above all others.

How big is too big? Choosing the right size for a custom sign will depend on location, how much text will be included, and what other businesses in the area are doing. You’d like your sign to stand out as stunning and not an eyesore! Working with your signage company will help ensure your sign is the appropriate size to meet your goals.

3. Add Signage Around and Ahead of Your Location

For a primer on truly getting customers excited about your business long before they even see it, one only needs to look at iconic Texas gas station chain Buc-ee’s. Billboards advertising Buc-ee’s immaculately clean restrooms start appearing well over an hour before drivers ever get into proximity. By the time they catch sight of the smiling Buc-ee Beaver in the sky, drivers are primed for everything they’ve been promised along the way (“Your Throne Awaits: Fabulous Restrooms,” and “Some Say Best Jerky Ever”).

While most businesses aren’t going to set up billboards 150 miles away, you can get creative with signage in and around your business (especially if you’re in a hard-to-see location) to make sure customers will take the time to find you and stop in.

4. 3D Sign Letters

To make a truly classy statement, 3D sign letters are an excellent way to make your sign pop. Frequently seen on residential properties, medical facilities, or institutions of learning, this type of signage adds a distinguished air to any business.

3D signage looks impressive when set against a brick or stone background but can work well in various settings. Illuminated or not, black and white or colorful – this type of signage is more flexible than one might think!

5. LED Signage

Look into LED business signs to make your signage pop while saving money on maintenance and electric costs. LED signs not only look great; they’re also great for the environment and your bottom line. LED bulbs use 90% less energy than incandescent bulbs and must be replaced much less often.

Businesses with traditionally illuminated signage shouldn’t despair; current signs can easily be retrofitted with LED fixtures. It’s an excellent way to upgrade old signage into effective, efficient, stunning business signs.

6. Make Your Signage a Destination

Many cities and tourism boards have adopted destination signs as a part of their branding (like the Sandusky County and Lake Erie Shores and Islands signs you see in this blog). But impactful signs like that aren’t just for cities! Remember, your signs are the first things your customers and prospects notice before entering your business. Therefore, they must be attractive, compelling, and designed to draw people to your business. Experiment with different background and font colors, font types, font sizes, signage shapes, and more to determine what works best for you.

Don’t Go It Alone!

When your business is considering new or updated signage, don’t go it alone. Working with a design-build signage company to pick the right type of sign will help ensure you make an investment that will last. Design, font, and text size matter regarding visibility and sending the right message about your business. Your signage company can also help you redesign your logo in a business sign-friendly way.

When you work with a company that specializes in design-build signage, your project is handled by the same team from start to finish. This means that the entire process — from conceptualizing and designing your sign to overseeing the fabrication process and moving through the final installation process to ongoing service and maintenance — happens in-house at one company.

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