There are lots of talks today about the most effective form of marketing, with most businesses expanding from traditional TV, radio, and print advertising into the realm of social media and digital marketing. Even as business owners explore ways to reach customers from afar, it’s essential for them not to neglect one of the primary ways of reaching out to new clients: having an eye-catching business sign. Even in this age of digital marketing, commercial signage for business is more important now than ever.

Top 5 Reasons Why Commercial Signage for Business is Vital

Broaden Your Client Reach

As you figure out what photos to post for your business’s Instagram followers or decide what demographics to target in your next Google Adwords campaign, consider that a well-designed and strategically-placed business sign will reach an incredibly broad audience that isn’t limited by what social media channels potential customers follow or factors such as their age or gender. An outdoor business sign, visible to all who drive or walk past, is an excellent way to reach customers who might not even realize they need your product or service.

Generate Word of Mouth

Another important benefit of commercial signage for a business is that it helps to increase buzz amongst the public. If your sign stands out from the rest of the pack due to a clever design, humorous messaging, or the nature of your business itself, it will create chatter amongst people who have never even set foot in your business. In fact, a study by FedEx found that three out of four consumers have told someone about a store based on its signage alone.

Keep in mind that a poorly-designed sign can also work the opposite way, creating negative chatter about your business. Over half of people surveyed said that they would be less likely to enter a store that had a poorly-made or misspelled sign.

Be More Eye-Catching

No matter how wonderful your product or service is unless you have a sign that garners attention, customers will never find out what you have to offer. Standing out can be particularly challenging if your business resides in a strip mall or shopping center where the rules dictate that all businesses look the same from the outside. Working with your retail or business park to create eye-catching commercial signage for your business greatly boosts your opportunity to stand out from the rest of the pack.

Even if your business stands alone, a stunning business sign is an excellent visual addition to the exterior of your building. It adds an air of professionalism and communicates exactly what customers can expect when they step through your doors.

Brand-Building with Built-In Functionality

Unlike other forms of marketing, commercial signage for your business helps you build your brand and communicate its personality in a highly functional way. It’s an excellent way to signal your location while prominently displaying your logo, business name, and (depending on the design of your sign) important details about upcoming sales and business/community events. While some business owners opt for an LED sign with their name and logo, others might choose an electronic messaging center that can be programmed to communicate even more information about your business, as well as informational or entertaining messages.

Cost-Effective Advertising

Finally, many business owners find that investing in a visually captivating sign is more cost-effective than constantly running paid ad campaigns on broadcast, print, or online media. Unlike ad campaigns, commercial signage for a business is a one-time cost that continues to pay out in the months and years after the sign is installed. If you’ve been on the lookout for a new advertising strategy, you may want to start by looking just outside your front doors.

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