Enhancing and maximizing messaging capabilities is the key to making the most of digital signage displays, such as electronic message centers. 

You can derive maximum value from your signage investment by leveraging a digital combination of images, symbols, and words. 

Electronic message centers can improve your sales value by approximately 31.8%. The wonderful flexibility offered by electronic message centers makes them a great option for all types of businesses.

Why Choose Electronic Message Centers for Your Business?

With an electronic message center, businesses can tailor their messages to their target audience. Imagine your competitors having static signage throughout the year and you having the upper hand by displaying updated information.

Electronic message centers are energy-saving and hardly require any maintenance. Since they come with intuitive software, you can quickly change the messaging on the board without any hassles. While indoor electronic message centers are suitable for advertising or displaying new products/services, outdoor versions can provide great visibility. So, if you have most of your customers living or working within a five-mile radius of your company, you can make the most of electronic message centers to reach out to them.

Taking Advantage of Digital Signage Displays

Here are some interesting tips to help you use your electronic message centers in different ways:

  • Use different content for different directions: Your audience may face different sides of your electronic message center depending on their traveling direction. For instance, if one face of your electronic message is toward a traffic signal, you can display a longer message. 
  • Use motion to captivate your audience: The most useful way to grab your audience’s attention in a crowded area is to add motion to your electronic message center. You can use animations, video clips, and message transitions to add motion to your commercial digital signage. Ensure you combine the element of motion with your core message so your audiences don’t drift away. 
  • Avoid scrolling text: Although most electronic message centers have a scrolling text feature, it’s best to avoid it wherever possible. Even though pedestrians may be able to read the complete message that’s scrolling from right to left, it can be a daunting task for drivers. Instead, use static text spread across multiple lines.
  • Play with automatic brightness: During the daytime, the sun can overpower your commercial digital signage message and make it less visible to the crowd. However, there are better options than using maximum brightness throughout the day. It can become a potential driving hazard during the night and reduce the lifespan of individual LEDs. So, if your electronic message center is equipped with a light sensor that tracks ambient light, use it to adjust the brightness of your electronic message center automatically.
  • Schedule different messages: Electronic message centers allow you to change your messages as and when required. You can send personalized greetings, display public service or traffic information, showcase the date, time, etc. We’ve all seen commercial signs that provide old information. So, ensure the software attached to your electronic message center is available to change the messages instantly.

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