Auto dealers do a lot of things to drive business and attract customers. And, sometimes, funny ads, catchy jingles, and big promotions just aren’t enough. Looking for a way to bring more people into your dealership that doesn’t include a giant inflatable gorilla? Automotive digital signage could be the boost your dealership needs to bring customers through the doors.

Dealership owners understand the importance and the effectiveness of good advertising. Making your presence known to people in your area is a key way to bring customers to your lot, and make sure you’re in the front of their minds the next time they’re in need of a car.

Automotive digital signage is a direct way to get a potential customer’s attention and share your message. These long-lasting, high-quality signs are the right solution for all your signage needs. With digital signage as part of your business, you’ll be a step ahead of the competition with a better way to engage shoppers and people passing by.

The biggest benefit that automotive dealerships see from these signs is a significant increase in traffic. The return on investment on automotive digital signage will be quicker than you think once the customers start rolling in. The larger amount of people taking notice of your signage increases the chances a customer will come in and check out your dealership.

Automotive Digital Signage Makes it Easy to Connect With Customers

If your traditional advertisements aren’t reaching as many people as you hoped, automotive digital signage can be a powerful step towards reaching more of your target audience. Your sign as it stands now might not be doing enough to engage customers, and you could be losing business because people are passing you by.

Automotive digital signage can turn your entire situation around. With these signs, you can easily engage customers by sharing your message on a screen that grabs attention with exciting colors and motion graphics. Digital signage can be seen from far away, so it’ll quickly draw people’s interest and make them want to read your message as they get closer.

The messages you share don’t have to be permanent either. You can change the display whenever you want, so you can easily advertise deals and promos. By sharing the weather or adding a clock to your sign, people will view your sign as a source of information and your message will spread that much further.

The information that you share with potential customers is what’s going to help them feel inclined to shop at your dealership. Posting about new vehicles on your lot, special holiday sales, or price cuts can be just the reason a customer needs to visit your business.

If you already have a strong social media presence, you can easily tie in your new sign by sharing how customers can connect with you on different social platforms. You can even share what you’re posting on your sign so your brand has a more well-rounded presence.

Again, don’t fall into the cliche of over-sized inflatables or the waving arm men; have your dealership stand out with automotive digital signage that engages and informs. Installing this type of sign in your dealership will put you ahead of your competitors by putting your dealership in the front of more customers’ minds. Think about it, who are they more likely to remember — the dealership that looks like all the others or the one with a vibrant digital sign?

Electronic message centers are a good example of how digital signage can be extremely effective for automotive dealerships. These signs are long-lasting and durable, and their display is designed to be seen easily in the dark and in bad weather. Completely customizable with rolling screens and motion graphics, electronic message centers quickly grab attention with bright colors that make people want to read your message.

No matter what sign you decide to use for your business, a professional signage designer can help you determine what’s best for you. Location, size, and style are three major things that can affect how your sign performs, and if you’re unfamiliar with good tactics it’s easy to make a mistake. Working with a designer can ensure that you’re getting the most for your money and that your sign is installed properly.

Automotive digital signage is worth the investment for your business. A good digital sign will attract customers and drive new leads to your business faster than you ever expected.

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Author: Ryan Brady
CFO at Brady Signs. Finance guy turned sign guy. Best move ever.

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